The Bay Area Hackfest will take place on November 13–17, 2017, at the
NASA Ames Conference Center.

Bay Area Hackfest Mission

The physical and cyber worlds are becoming inseparable. Computers, home appliances, vehicles, cameras, and the myriad handheld devices upon which we all now depend are wirelessly connected to each other and to ourselves, with each system striving to achieve its respective mission in an ever more congested electromagnetic (EM) space. This Hackfest is designed to explore and better understand the complex relationships we are creating within the EM spectrum, and examine in particular the cyber-physical intersection of software defined radio (SDR) and remotely piloted aircraft.

See Tom Rondeau’s presentation from GRCon17 [PDF] and perspective
on what the Hackfest means [VIDEO].

DARPA’s Hackfest: A 3-Part Event

Hacker Space

  • Open space to develop, learn, and play
  • Will host experts in software radio
  • Some problems will be provided for context/ideas

Speaker Series

  • Invited talks from experts and enthusiasts
  • Motivating technology and larger context
  • Three focus days
    1. Tues: SDR
    2. Wed: UAV
    3. Thurs: Cyber


  • Team-based
  • Teams must apply
    • Expect ~8 teams
  • Hardware provided
    • UAV + SDR
    • Ground station
  • Software developed provided as FOSS
  • Focus on the problem book
  • Hackathon like


Schedule of Events

April–May Hackfest Roadshow Meet and greet potential participants. DARPA will visit Boston, NYC, DC, San Francisco, San Diego
(let us hear if you want us to come to your city!)
May 22 Teaming Workshop Build your mission team and find out how to participate in the missions
Early June Applications Open Apply to participate in the missions
Mid-July Applications Due
Early Aug. Selection Announcements
Sept. 11–15 GRCon17 Information/software update and release

See Tom Rondeau’s presentation from GRCon17 [PDF] and perspective on what the Hackfest means [VIDEO].)

Workshop for selected teams
Presentation from GRCon17 Workshop available (PDF)

Brainstorming session for hacker space ideas

Nov. 13–17 UAV+SDR Hackfest NASA Ames Conference Center, Mountain View, CA