Brainstorming Sessions

A BS Session, that is, a Brainstorming Session, at the DARPA SDR Hackfest is an opportunity for attendees to engage the larger audience about what they are working on, and interested in working on, at the Hackfest. The point of these talks is to discuss immediate problems and successes associated with the work going on. This session is not the time for self-promotion or company pitches—we have the Lightning Talks for that type of material. Instead, this will be a platform to share ongoing Hackfest experiences with kindred spirits and for everyone at the session and to discover other ideas, solutions, or overlaps that could be valuable for their respective goals.

The BS Sessions will run during 30-minute windows after lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. A fourth wrap-up session will run on Friday morning. The first part of the BS Session is to figure out who wants to speak. Someone from DARPA’s Hackfest team will organize each session by identifying attendees who want to speak and assigning up to ten minutes to talk, but making sure all speakers can have their say.

One possible value use of the BS Sessions is as a way for the Mission Teams to expand their capabilities. If teams run into unexpected problems during the week, someone in the Hacker Space might be able to help solve that problem. Since teams are not competing against each other for a rank throughout the week, but instead are working to showcase their best technology and solutions, it will be up to each team how it engages with other teams and the other Hackfest attendees.

Use these sessions as a way to let others know who you are and what you are doing throughout the Hackfest. If you have a demo you’d like to show off, these sessions would be a good time to announce that intention to fellow attendees who will be eager to see what you have to show.

Lightning Talks

The Hacker Space will host a set of Lightning Talks on Monday through Thursday in the afternoon right before dinner. The Lightning Talks are 5-minute “pitches” to give attendees an opportunity to publicly engage the larger Hackfest community. These talks can feature explanations of your or your company’s interests, announcements of employment opportunities, descriptions of specific problem areas of interest, stories about past works and hacks, and other topics and information that reveal expose your capabilities and interests.

We are asking people to sign up ahead of time to give Lightning Talk. During registration, we are providing the opportunity to select a 5-minute time slot to present your work. Things will move like lightning—there is only a 1-minute window between speakers. To make sure everything remains on schedule, if you your talk includes any slides or other media, we will need you to work with the Hackfest organizers to get that material loaded onto a single presentation laptop at least one day before your slot.