Hackfest Events at GRCon17

Tom Rondeau

The GNU Radio Foundation’s annual conference, GRCon, happens the week of Sept. 11 in San Diego, and the DARPA Bay Area SDR Hackfest has quite a bit going on at this event. The full GRCon17 program has been announced, and I’ll be speaking on Thursday morning to review the DARPA Bay Area SDR Hackfest. The most important feature of this talk is that I will show off—demo ghosts willing!—the SDR-enabled UAV. I also will announce the public release of the software so that interested parties can start exploring.

Secondly, we are hosting a workshop at the conference for those seeking more detailed information on the Hackfest. We’ll be doing a deep-dive into the hardware and software we’re preparing for the Hackfest, and we will provide instructions on how to download, install, and run the application.

Another part of our workshop is a brainstorming session for the Hacker Space—an open space for work and collaboration—at the upcoming Hackfest in November. This part of the workshop will provide a great opportunity for Hackfest participants to learn more about the technologies we will be using at the Hackfest and to identify specific challenges that might interest them. At the brainstorming session, we will we talk about the Hacker space in general and particular problems people can work on. We hope our interactions during this session will provide us with a feel for the problems and needs of the community and with input that will be valuable to the developers.