April 26, 2017: Hardware Hack Lab, New York City

After the NYU Maker Faire appearance, I went on to ThoughtWorks and its Hardware Hack Lab. This was a different type of engagement in that it was not a lecture, but rather a BYO toys and show off. I had brought my USRPs (software radios) and laptop with GNU Radio on it for this purpose, and, luckily, I had been hacking away at my Bay Area Maker Faire talk earlier in the day, so I had some fresh code, hot off the Emacs to show.

There were a couple-dozen people at the Hack Lab and I managed to speak with many of them. I got involved in some great conversations. Fortunately, my colleague Christal Gordon was with me and she was able to talk to a number of others. The crowd was interesting, very smart, and very motivated to do some really fun stuff. I’m hoping for some follow-on communication with some who I met at the event. What is already sinking in after these first few along my Hackfest Roadshow is that these fantastic hacker places are all slightly different with one thing in common: they all provide the most fertile ground for new ideas to flourish. That’s a wonderful thing.