a photo of the 3DR Solo Drone that will be used in the event

 Equipment Part
UAV Computer Raspberry Pi 3
UAV 3DR Drone
Antenna 1 Omni
Flight controller Pixhawk-2 “Green Cube”
Backup 915 MHz controller

Equipment Part
GS Computer • Ubuntu based standard laptop
• ≥ 256GB SSD hard-drive
• ≥ 16GB of RAM
• ≥  4 core i7 || Xeon
Antenna 4-omnis

Additional Hardware

Green Cube Installation
USB cable installed for connection to SDR/Pi3—likely to use a y-cable USB connector to draw power from 2 USB ports to ensure enough current to the B200mini.
Open Solo update to ArduCopter 3.5.3
Installation of CastleCreations ccBEC to battery through payload bay for SDR/Pi3 power
Serial 4 (Gimbal) pinned out for MarvelMind indoor positioning receiver
SBUS input pinned out for Futaba R6303SB receiver (primary backup controller)
Mini breakout boards will be available on-site for access to the accessory bay. Serial 2, battery, and 5V (1A) will be available on these boards.

Connector type: JAE SJ038252
Manufacturer Part #: TX24-30R-6ST-N1E
Mouser part: 656-TX2430R6STN1E

Breakout board could be ordered here.

3D design files for Raspberry Pi- Ettus B200mini enclosure
Download box top
Download box bottom
On the ground station, we are using these Taoglas FXUB66 ultra wideband antennas
(covering 700 MHz – 6 GHz):
On the Drones, we have two Taoglas FXP100 antennas, one for TX and the other for RX
(covering 2100 – 4320 MHz):