May 10, 2017: Open Source Maker Labs, Vista, California

The Open Source Maker Lab (OSML) in Vista, CA, is a great place for makers and tinkerers of all kinds. They have quite a large setup, situated within an industrial park, which is part of the larger innovation movement in that area. If you do a quick search for “microbrew” on the map around Vista, you will see dozens of local beer makers setting up shops in similar types of warehouse settings. There seems to be a lot of overlap between do-it-yourself brewers and do-it-yourself makers. The Maker Lab, like the microbrews, is carving a new life out of these industrial or commercial complexes and promoting new forms of innovation and community. The turnout for my Hackfest talk was modest but engaged. In my talk, I introduced DARPA, why I’m invested in the Hackfest, and then covered topics around software radio. There were lots of questions from the audience, and OSML’s president, Dan Hendricks, was very enthusiastic about potential team from the San Diego area for the Hackfest Missions. Which means I can look forward to getting to know them better at our Teaming Workshop!