May 11, 2017: Capital Factory, Austin, Texas

a photograph of Tom Rondeau speaking at Capitol Factory, Austin, TX

My stop last Thursday during my Roadshow about the DARPA SDR Hackfest was at Capitol Factory, an incubator space in Austin, TX. As a space dedicated to startups, Capitol Factory has an interest in funding opportunities, and I was really glad that they wanted to hear about how DARPA works and how their technology might fit into our mission. During the early part of my presentation, I just talked about DARPA – a DARPA 101, if you will. I then switched to talking about the DARPA Hackfest and software radio. Like the audiences at the other stops on my trip, this one was engaged with lots of questions and discussion. A lot of people that are coming to these events have never heard of software radio before, but it’s obvious from them and their questions how excited everyone is over the possibilities. I take from this that there is a lot of talent and enthusiasm out there, but for the purposes of the Hackfest, I am wondering about the range of experience levels out there and how they can play into the Hackfest. I know from my work with GNU Radio and through GRCon, the GNU Radio Conference, that there is a pool of expertise in software radio. I need to make sure that there is a path between the radio experts and the teams, which will be forming in the coming months in preparation for the DARPA SDR Hackfest out at NASA Ames this November. I will be reaching out more directly to the GNU Radio community to make sure they join us at the Hackfest Information and Teaming Workshop, engage them during GRCon, and make sure as many as possible are present during the Hacker Space portion of the Hackfest so that they can engage everybody there with their talent and expertise.