April 26, 2017: NYU Maker Space, New York City

a photo of Tom Rondeau speaking at NYU Maker Space, New York City on April 26, 2017

The New York University Maker Space, located in the university’s Brooklyn campus, is very cool. It’s set up well with lots of room and equipment and there was plenty of activity going on during my visit. About 20 people, mostly undergraduate students with some NYU faculty and graduate students mixed in, showed up my talk. It was a nice opportunity to talk to potential new collaborators about DARPA, our SDR Hackfest in November out in San Francisco , and the capabilities of GNU Radio as a platform for the radio-curious hackers among us. It was a nice engagement and I was happy to feel the enthusiasm in the room for the Hackfest. Those present expressed varying levels of interest in the different sections of the Hackfest—the Missions, the speakers, the hacker space, and the ability to interact with and learn from their colleagues and peers.

The main concerns about the Hackfest that I heard from this group were the issues of the distance to the Bay Area and the high costs of the region. Some asked about holding another Hackfest on the east coast and funding support to offset the cost of attending. I suggested that people look out for sponsorships and support for traveling if they can find the right people and organizations, some of which could be part of the NYU community. I’ll be interested to see what people come up with.

I ended the engagement at the NYU Maker Space with some good one-on-one discussions, but had to get out so I could make it to the next gig on the Hackfest Roadshow: the Hardware Hack Lab at ThoughtWorks in Manhattan. Stay tuned.