The Roadshow Goes Local

Although the team application for the Bay Area SDR Hackfest has been open since June 1, we are continuing to engage innovators in a series of roadshow stops. I am staying closer to home this time by visiting maker and hacker spaces around DC. The latest stop was at Nova Labs in Reston, Virginia, where we had one of the larger audiences. It was quickly apparent, and not surprising, that this audience was much more familiar with DARPA. So instead of talking a lot about DARPA, I took the time to explain how the Agency traditionally funds work and how the Hackfest is experimenting with novel approaches for engaging innovators in the pursuit of breakthrough technology. I took the opportunity to talk extensively about the Hackfest in November and about software defined radio. The Q&A was long and lively and I left Nova Labs with a sense of excitement from the crowd and a good feel for continued engagement.

Maybe the most important take-home message for teams and others wanting to participate in the Bay Area Hackfest is that, like the other maker spaces I have visited during the roadshow, Nova Labs, is eager to support the development of local teams who could apply to participate in the DARPA Bay Area SDR Hackfest in November. The maker spaces are great places and resources for teams to meet, organize, and work. Fat Cat, OSML, Spark Fun, and Hacker Dojo all expressed this same interest, so I encourage people to get in touch with their local maker space to get working.